Desperate Mama

Any mamas out there have some tips and tricks for me? My daughter is 8 weeks old and is by far the hardest baby I have ever encountered. She always seems agitated. If she’s not eating there’s a good chance she’s crying, and even then she sometimes gets agitated while in the middle of a bottle. The doctor put her on an antacid which helped with her spitting up but didn’t lessen her agitation any. We switched her to Similac alimentum which seemed to help cut down on the crying some. The worst is when she’s tired, she will cry for hours and hours, and often times once she falls asleep you have to hold her otherwise she’ll wake up once put down. A cosleeper doesn’t work because she’s not being held. Even bought a Dockatot and it only works on a rare occasion. Not sure if there is anything I can do, especially to help her sleep better, or if its just something we need to ride out.