Taking everything

This is about teen pregnancy I just want yalls opinion on things and make sure i have a right to be upset. I live with my grandparents but they dont have custody. Ive lived with them off and on my whole life. They always took from me. My mom was in the military and she knew if she put the money in their bank account it not be used on me so when she was home shed put a couple hundred in my piggy bank. (Shed send them separate money to help with bills and food) Ive always been good with money and i never spent any of that. So i had a couple thousand by the time my grandma found it. She took it all and i didnt get anything. My dad sent me Christmas gifts (he lives across the country and isn't in my life) they took them and gave them to my cousins. So when i found out i was pregnant me and the baby daddy started saving up and they keep coming to my room and find it to spend. Im out of money now. I cant work but in the summer i did odd jobs. So now that they used up my money they want my baby daddy to give them money for childsupport. First the baby isnt born and he is actively in the babys life hes been getting stuff at his house and has a whole nursery getting set up. He doesnt work because he doesn't got a car and i dont want him to work at a cheap store in his walking distance due to the fact he draws social security off his mom and being a minor in our state he gets more. If he loses that check he wouldnt be able to keep his house (he helps his mom keep up payments shes a single mother) so i dont want him to lose the check and get a shitty job that pays less. I want him to wait it out till hes got enough for a car and gets a really good job. They trying to say he cant see me or his child unless he gives them as much as they want a month. I decided to move out and stay with my mom. Now they are pissed because my mom is fine with me seeing him and they are going around telling our family he raped me and isnt in mine or the babys life. My mom was trying to get him hired where she works shed pick him up its really good pay and they called her boss and said a bunch of lies and now they wont hire him. I dont want anything to do with them and now they keep calling be crying. Should i even talk to them or just ignore them and focus on everything else? Im sorry if this is confusing im sick and its hard to think straight.