Terrible pain...


I got my first period when i was 10 years old, so almost 20 years ago.

Its always been painful, and when i was 14 i started on the pill to regulate the pain and the amount of bleeding. When i was 17 i changed and started on the shot depo provera, and used this for 5 years. Lost my period completly on that brith control, and when i stopped using the shot it took about 1,5 years vefore my period returned.

Since then i have had some time using the pill again, but not with the wanted effekt when it comes to pain management and bleeding control. And then in januar 2016 i stopped using brith control because we wanted to get pregnant. The following periods were extreme pain. Prior to this i have been to 2 different gynecologists and they both said the same thing, most likely endometriosis.

So when we were ttc the pain was unbearable, so i called the gyn up, and they sett me up for surgery to confirmed diagnosis and treat it (the best they can), but i got pregnant before the surgery, so they cancelled that ofc.

Had a boy i march 2017, got my period back just 5 weeks post partum, and it was regular like clockwork from that point. The pain didnt change either, but now i couldnt use painkillers (that would work) due to breastfeeding.

So in june 2018 i finally had the surgery, the biopsy came back and it said "no signs of pathology, and no endometriosis". So lucky me, i have almost all the signs of endometriosis, except infertility, without actually having the diagnosis or any signs of it.

Anyone have any experience with this? My doctor and gyn was stumped when the result came back, because they were so sure... So now i Just have to be heavily medicated 1 week per month, thats the only "treatment"...

Any tips are most welcome!

Also my mother and my sister have the same symptoms and everything (which strenghtened the suspicion of endo) but neither of the have had surgery to confirm or check for endo.

Sorry about the long long post, and thank you for reading ❤️