Postpartum body struggles


So let me preface this by saying that this baby was my 3rd. So I'm not unfamiliar with the body changes that come with having a baby. However, it's been 8 years since my last baby. So I'm 8 years older now. And this has been by far my hardest "bounce back" (although I hate that term). I still look so stretched and loose at 3 months pp. And I'm so much bigger and more jiggly everywhere, not just my belly. I don't even recognize myself in pictures. Mirrors give me actual anxiety.

Here's the thing... I know all of this is silly. And I feel guilty for even feeling this way and giving this issue so much of my energy and my thoughts. My son is 100% worth it. I really am proud and amazed at what my body accomplished in growing, nurturing, and delivering this little miracle. I feel gifted by God to have had such an important role in bringing this baby of His into the world. So then why am I so fixated on my body???? 😏 I know I'm being vain and really a little immature (I'm 33, lol!)

I'm not sure what the point of this post was. Maybe just to vent. Is anyone else in this same mental place?????