My boyfriend’s therapist...


I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months and he has the most beautifully conflicted soul. For years he’s seen a therapist because of stuff he went through during childhood. We haven’t been together long, but I’m starting to notice a trend in our relationship that every time he’s goes to therapy, we end up getting into arguments about us and what we’re “doing” and where everything is going. I have no right to say this, but I think his therapist maybe doing him more harm then good. I can say that my last relationship (which was an engagement) ended shortly after on relationship therapy session. It brought me a lot of clarity.

This month he’s broken up with me twice. The first time was while I had been in China for a 4-week work trip. He tried to break up with me on my last day away. We had some bumps before I left and the timing for the trip wasn’t ideal, but we hashed the fuck out of our issues and fixed everything the day I got home. Since then our relationship has been completely different, in the best way. So I thought. He went to therapy again this Tuesday and was to come over on Wednesday. All day Wednesday we were texting and talking fine about Thanksgiving and different plans we have in the next couple weeks, then when he gets to my house he goes to the bathroom and comes out crying about how we can’t be together. He went back and forth with himself for an hour, crying on my couch. It was one of the most awkward experiences for me. I obviously didn’t want to break up but I wasn’t going to beg him to stay with me. I asked him to leave because he needed to do some personal reflection. A few hours later I get this text:

I love this kid and I love what we have when we aren’t over thinking about the future. I also know that I deserve to be with someone that wants to be with me. I’m really not sure what to do here- do I throw in the towel? Would it be rude of me to suggestion less therapy? I feel like he went into his session and didn’t have anything but positive things to mention about our current relationship, so he started dissecting our relationship pre-China. IDK. Halp lol.