LGBTQ in laws battle 🤬


So my mother was born in 1942 and I understand it was a different time. But she wants me to limit my 6 year olds access to my fiancé’s siblings because they are both transgender. she thinks that me teaching my daughter about different types of families and exposing her to drag queens and gay pride is harmful to her.

She just gave me a half hour lecture because my daughter said next Halloween she wants to be Ru Paul. My daughter thinks that Ru is fabulous and fierce because I used her as an example to explain why her aunt wears women’s clothes. My mom thinks that exposing my daughters (6 and due Jan) to this that they are going to spread to the other parents inappropriate sexual content in the school. She says it’s completely inappropriate for a little girl to dress up like a drag queen. Honestly I think she will forget she said that by next Halloween and end up wearing another Disney princess, but not the point! I don’t care if she wants to look like or idolize Ru Paul!!!!! I think Ru is an amazing role model and broke down so many barries for the LGBTQ community! Why not admire her? ESPECIALLY since I’m marrying into a family with a gay father in law and two transgender siblings in law!

Ugh I’m so annyoned! Am I out of line to tell my mother to shove it?