My bf wont stop joking


I have a sensory processing disorder. I've gotten really good with my social skill but I still have a hard time sometimes reading people. I grew up in a very sarcastic family, luckily for me, so I get basic sarcasm and such but cant understand you see when someone is using dry sarcasm. It can be really frustrating. My bf has knows this for a long while now and continues to use dry sarcasm knowing full well I cant tell. He thinks it's funny. Dry sarcasm is his favorite. It's funny when he does it once or twice but he'll keep at it and at it and at it. It gets frustrating and makes me mad. I straight up the him I'm mad and he'll act like I'm over reacting. I got mad today and threw his jacket at him spilled his drink(I wasnt trying to) then he gets mad. I tell him he never listens when I say I'm mad stop. He says friends make jokes but I've never had a friend that would do that. Then he goes on how he'll never be playful or joke with me anymore. How can I get him to understand that it's the amount of jokes hes saying?