My boyfriend and I had a really bad argument because I refuse to go spend thanksgiving in a RV yes you read that correctly inside an RV. I’m perfectly fine here at home we had agreed on us making a turkey and a thanksgiving dinner at our house. Apparently his mom decided she’s ordering a turkey dinner from a the local grocery store. She’s planning on inviting everyone over when there’s no room. We had already invited my mom and my family to come eat at our house she isn’t on good terms with me because of some things she did to me I still invited her to come over she had agreed until she found out my mom and family were coming. She started saying how we don’t include her how she’s always alone how I keep my daughter from her. She never comes around unless it’s in her best interest, she only calls her son when she’s low on cash I try to be there and support her no matter what, even though she treats me like garbage. Anyway now she’s calling and telling me stuff because of the fact that my family is coming over, she knew since the start of November that my mom works thanksgiving every year so everyone takes turns cooking this year I’m doing the cooking and she’s really pissed off. She brought up the “my granddaughter isn’t even going to know who i am” card, when my daughter is only 4 months, of course she’s not gonna remember, shes 4 months old she’s barely starting to recognizing familiar faces and you aren’t one of them since you never come see her. Am I wrong for not wanting to go over there and be crowded, my bf agreed with me but now she’s guilting him into going we also had plans of going to a few stores for Black Friday like we do every year and she’s mad making this about her.