Dont judge me 😂😂 but...

*disclaimer: I already decided a while ago that I'm bottle feeding because I decided that was what would work best for me*

I'm due in 5 weeks roughly and I keep having dreams about being able to smoke again lol probably mostly because it was my legit anxiety and depression medication before getting pregnant and this pregnancy has been rough emotionally without having the only thing that's helped with my symptoms. Things have been stressful lately with bills since in out of work and my anxiety levels have been high and it's been very hard for my husband and I to manage, I can't wait till I can actually medicate again and start feeling normal again, not an anxious bundle of nerves all the time.

Also, I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and am so over being pregnant I really hope baby comes a week early so he doesn't have to share a birthday with Christmas (due Christmas <a href="">eve</a>) 💙❄️