Miscarriage and now I want to try and have a baby

Faith • Hi, I`m a competitive water skier. I am an CNA and EMT. I’m also a nursing student.

So me and my boyfriend got pregnant. It wasn’t planed by any means, but after I told him that I was pregnant and we talked about it we were excited. He had a miscarriage with his ex, and I know it haunts him. Because she kept a lot from him.

A week after I told him I miscarried. Him seemed relieved that I wasn’t pregnant, but I was upset by it. I haven’t felt well.

I want a baby, but I think he is scared that we won’t be able to do this. Both our family are very close and I know we can. The other thing he worries about is insurance. He is self employed and for him to get insurance it would brake us, but I work for the county and I can get really good insurance if I choose to.

I know both of us don’t want to hear others tell us we won’t be good parents I’m 18 will be 19 in less than two months and my boyfriend is 22 will be 23 in a month. Im in nursing school and they say I couldn’t go to school and raise a baby. I understand that Sam won’t be able to help out a lot especially during spring-fall because it’s busy season, but I know we could do this

I just want to talk so someone and to have them tell me it’s ok that I’m sad and it’s ok to want a baby. I haven’t been able to really talk to Sam because he is in and out with work. And I know he doesn’t really want anyone to know but I’m going crazy sitting here not being able to go talk to my mom