I’m a fuck up

Lebanese Princess

I have made some terrible choices according to my parents. I light weight not blame them feeling way it started with the guy I have a feeling I had been lying about due to some of his life choices I knew they would not approve it and the time he finally came to meet them he was high I get that disrespectful and I know they can’t stop the situation even if not thrilled. Done I had let a guy use my credit card to buy a $3000 dollar chain and my folks got me out of debt. Then last but not least the first guy I mentioned and I r back together. And now he is out on bond and may go to prison in a couple months depending on the sentencing. I had moved him in to my grandmothers house where I was staying because she’s no longer allowed to stay there because she’s in the nursing home so I abuse that privilege after they said they didn’t want anyone they couldn’t trust in there. So I alternately lost the house and I’m just really bummed I’m not living with him now. I’m back at my parents house miserable. I need all honest opinions. I bet stupid to not think that they weren’t going eventually to find out? They still own the house, it’s not in my name and they only live 5 min away so they can pop over at anytime. Also how I got Boston was that my mom stopped over there to drop stuff off and he found some men’s things which were his. I think they are done with me and it’s very hard to feel sorry for me at this point