Only sleeps while being held


My son is almost 8 weeks old. His sleep schedule is crazy. And 90% of the time he will only sleep while being held. My husband can usually get him down at 5 am and he will sleep in the pack n play for 4 hours. I will nurse him and he will lay back down most days for about 3 more hours. The rest of the day he will only sleep being held. Then he usually stays awake all night. We swaddle him before we put him in the pack n play. Sometimes I can get him to nap for 30 min to an hour in the rock n play. I feel like such s terrible mom! I’m afraid we are making bad habits, but he needs to sleep!

Does anyone have any tips to get him to sleep in the pack n play and to sleep during the night? I don’t even care if he wakes up go eat as long as he sleeps at night!