Was this a Drunk Text or no? 🤔

The girl I’ve been talking to asked for space and that she had re evaluated the relationship and was now taking a step back and we have not talked at all for 4 days, I’ve been miserable but trying to keep my head up. Last night I knew she’d be at her friends party and she had previously said she’d be drinking a lot at the party. I was in bed when I saw I had 5 text messages, 4 from a group text and 1 from her personally to me. The group text consisted of the girls saying they were home safe along with sick, barfing emojis which led me to believe they had all been drinking heavily. Her text consisted of “I want to teach you all the things I promised to...” mind you This is the only thing I’ve heard from her in 4 days. I quickly assumed there was a big chance this was a drunk text and that she was not in her full senses to have a conversation so I decided to go to sleep without texting back and wake up in the morning to give her some time to analyze. In the morning i woke up and simply texted “ok, teach me.” And she has not texted me back and it’s been a few hours already. I have no idea if this was a drunk text, or she’s salty that I didn’t text back fast so she’s doing the same, or she’s just not gonna text back in general. I am also looking out for myself, I am hurt and devastated and to receive that text and the possibility that she was intoxicated I did not want to get my hopes up you know. I let it sit overnight for today. Do you guys think I did the right thing? Any advice?