hey guys! so i’ve never had implantation bleeding before and i’m unsure of if the spotting i had could be that or not. i’ve had crazy cycles all year but the last 3 months have been pretty solid and near spot on with glow. i had sex 2 days before “scheduled” ovulation. and now i’m 10 DPO. at 8 DPO I had spotting for about 2 hours. only when I wiped. I’ve been cramping a little, i’ve been sick and puked, my boobs hurt to touch. i’ve had a headache for 3 days. i’m eating everything in sight. and i’m peeing every 30 minutes it seems. i took a test at 12 today, BFN. i’m due in “4” days according to glow, so it could be too early. did anyone have similar symptoms? or what was it like if you experienced implantation bleeding?