Implantation bleeding? On the pill HELP

Farrah • 22 | Married ❤ | 👶🏼 #1 April 2021

Hey ladies! Last night so about 24 hours ago now, I noticed a very pale brown discoloration in my panties. When I wiped there was light brown blood. My period ended a week and a half ago and isnt due for another 2 weeks. I'm also on the birth control pill, microgestin. I've been on this pill over a year now and have NEVER experienced spotting. I get my period on the 3rd day of the 7 day break. I always take my pills on time but my husband and I have been extremely sexually active, he just got home from the military. When I woke up this morning I noticed very mild cramping and it has been going on most of the day. I've never had random cramping neither. Today I had little brown patches and streaks in my panties, so this is very light spotting. Is it possible that I'm experiencing implantation bleeding??? And is it safe to keep taking my pills until I'm sure I'm not pregnant? Thank you!!!!!