Help meeee pls


So there’s this guy who I’ve had a little on for a while. But he’s the most popular guy at our school but last year we talked so much and he had a nickname for me. This year we don’t have any classes together and we’ve said hi in the hallway like 3 times. Anyway he’s fake dating one of my friends because apparently she thinks that it’s gonna get guys to stop liking her? Idk it’s weird. But I feel like I just need to tell this guy that I like him. I had a dream that we went on a date last night and it went really well, obviously that probably doesn’t mean anything but like ugh idk. He was so funny and kind and kinda shy but also pretty outgoing. My best friend thinks he liked me last year and I should’ve just told him then. I feel like I need to tell him and I’ve never felt that way before about anyone, I just don’t know. Someone help,