Okay so I started the depo shot on the first of October of last year. I gained some unwanted weight, it made me moody and just made me feel sad so I stopped it. My last shot was in April of this year which of course covered me until June. I stopped the depo and then started the pill but ended up stopping the pill in July because the hormones were causing me to have really bad UTIs. I got married this October 13th and we have been TTC ever since. I was wondering how long it might take to conceive considering I had 3 depo shots and two months of the pill. I know it’s different for everyone, but I was wondering if anyone had any info on this.

Also, my periods went straight back to normal except for this last month. I had my period and then six days later started bleeding again! I bled for 8 days after starting to bleed again. Not normal for me at all. I just thought maybe my cycle changed.