Embarrassing mom.. 😞


I am a stay at home mom. I just turned 22 and my son is 14 months old. I stay home for many reasons but biggest one is that my “career” before being a mom was being a nanny and even if I was able to find a job after having my own kid, it wouldn’t pay enough for any form of child care of my own so my husband and I settled on me staying home. But as the year has passed, everyone has been making comments about how my son doesn’t have any other play time with other kids.. which is true because I am a super young mother so all my “friend” before I had a baby are long gone and don’t want anything to do with parenthood and any other moms are in their late 30s and nobody takes me seriously.. I honestly only have 1 friend. And it’s rare that I see her because of her work. My son has only been around his girl cousins who are 2.5 and 5. (I do not let him be with my brother in laws/his wife at all for personal reasons so it’s brief get togethers at my in-laws) I have tried to find my son someone to play with, even if it’s once a week for an hour, but I was always an outcast and shut in, that people see my poor baby as one as well.. he plays so well and is so sweet and loves everybody. I feel so embarrassed and feel like I’m not doing enough for him. I can deal with never having friends but it’s not fair to him to not have anybody.. I live in southern Maine and I am really trying to find someone close in age with him and maybe have a playmate.. anyone.? Please...? 😔