I lost my V card... I dont know how to feel!!?

okay ladies, so i lost my v card a couple days ago... i dont know how to feel???

but... i honestly think im asexual... i didnt get any pleasure from it?

ive done stuff w all genders btw. for a long time i thought i was a lesbian but... i dont enjoy anything from anyone..? and i honestly felt bad!!!

does this mean im asexual? or do i have something wrong w my vagina!?!

i had them check my vagina (they offered since i was feeling pain) and they said they felt a bump and they think its a cyst?!?

idfk but damnnnn, someone HELP me.

i have a OBGYN appointment but they havent called me back:/

ugh. im just hella confused. am i asexual or is mai vg broken?!