I Feel Guilty about Everything I say and Do

I just need to let this out. As long as I have remembered everytime I would do or say something I would feel fine when I did it, but seconds or hours later I would get extremely fearful and have thoughts running through my head about how what I said was stupid and could be used against me. For example I could say, “Yeah she missed practice today.” And for hours I’d have thoughts like “How could you say that you stupid b****!!! You could ruin her life and start so much drama!!!” And “What if she hates me and she gets kicked off the team for being late because I said something about it.” I know the thoughts aren’t rational but I can’t stop myself. Sometimes the thoughts and feelings don’t happen but sometimes they do. I just want to stop feeling this way but I don’t know how. I have also been going through an extremely rough time which is making the thoughts 1000x worse. Is this normal?