I will never trust a positive test


I got my first positive(faint line) on November 1st. Dr confirmed my pregnancy when I went to the ER on the 3rd. I have taken pregnancy tests literally multiple times a day every single day since then and the line only got darker. I was sooooo excited. Last week I had blood work done because I started spotting and cramping(still positive tests) and numbers were great. yesterday I went to ER, because I had heavy bleeding. And they said my numbers have dropped a lot, that I was probably having a miscarriage and should rest until I go back to my dr. And today it’s been so much bleeding. Still getting positive test. I was 7weeks yesterday. I thought I was in the Clear, now I wait for my next appointment so the dr. Can tell me that my numbers are still dropping and that there isn’t a baby inside of me anymore. 😢 this makes 2 pregnancies in a year, that didn’t take.