Rant sorry if long


Okay so I’ve been with my SO for 6+ years we recently had a baby in march (he’s now 8 mo) everything has obviously changed since having the baby. But more towards the worst side. We don’t ever talk to each other he doesn’t ever want to have a conversation with me. when I ask why he wonttalk he says “we have nothin to talk about” He doesn’t help me with the baby he constantly makes excuses. I take care of the baby 24/7 full time with no break. He proposed to me on my birthday, but I feel it was out of obligation more than love😞 our sex life sucks. We have sex yes but it’s never about me I don’t feel like he wants to look at me, he always wants to screw in spooning pos. I try to get on top (it’s my favorite) and he like almost flips out and is like no I don’t want to do that.. I already feel bad as is.. he used to love me on top.. I feel like he is losing interest in me and that we’ve been together so long that he is curious about others. He is constantly on KIK app but I don’t know who or what he’s doing on it. He downloads then erases it so I can’t figure it out. He’s constantly watching porn to the point that’s all he does. I feel like we are just roommates with benefits. He will look at other women in front of me with no remorse.. knowing how bad it makes me feel.. having a baby 8 months ago I’m already battling ppd and feel bad about the way I look. He never wants to take me out anywhere! And if we do he has to invite his friend and his girl. I can’t just talk to him cause he tells me I’m crazy that feelings are just a figure of my imagination.. he hides his phone and about breaks my hand trying to get it from me. I’ve asked him to buy my lingerie to make me feel good and he told me no there’s no point in it. When we have sex he always makes me step way out of my comfort zone. But never wants to do what I do not interested in what I am into.. he sneaks around with his mom (he knows I don’t like her) and lies about it.

He lies to me about money.

But wants to get a home together?

I just don’t know how much more of this I can do.

Idk what to do.. anyone been in this situation did it ever get better?😞😭