Single Relationships


No one ever talks about the single ladies and the struggle with our relationships. The struggle of loving attention from the opposite sex ( or same sex ) but constantly rejecting everyone in fear of getting hurt or having your time wasted . And when you do let someone in and it doesn’t work out , it only makes it harder for you to want to try again. I am single and I love being single right now because that’s where I am in life . I am still getting to know myself and love myself therefore I feel like my energy simply won’t allow me to love anyone else . And yes I do get lonely, but I also know that when I go into a relationship I want to give it my all and I want someone who is giving me their all as well. I don’t have a long history of serious relationships but I can say that the ones that I did have , made me realize exactly what I don’t want ; what I don’t need . And that it’s okay to be by yourself for as long as it takes you . Besides who said you couldn’t have a little fun on the side being single 😉 you ladies know what I mean. shoutout to all the single ladies ! 😘