Please help, anyone gone/going through this?!?

A • Mummy to a beautiful little girl! Trying for baby number 2! Endometriosis

I had an emergency c-section 2 1/2 years ago and early endometriosis.

At the beginning of March we started ttc previously I was on the pill and depo twice, my period returned right away pretty regularly off by a day or 2but as time has gone on it’s been getting worse last month I was 12 days late and hospitalised due to the amount of pain I was getting in my abdomin/pelvis now I’m 23 days late, I got a faint bfp then all bfn servere cramping on and off, sore boobs, nauseous all the time, I’ve been putting on so much weight I can’t stop, hot flashes/sweats all the time and I’m so emotional. I’m going to the doctors tomorrow even though I was told to wait until I was a month late but I’m in so much pain and feeling sick so much I can’t wait any longer. Is anyone going through this or has had this happened to them that can help try and tell me what’s going on with me it’s so hard not knowing hats going on with my body!