Pregnant one cycle after MC!! Was told by OBGYN that I did not ovulated based on progesterone on CD 24 which was only 3.46

Shano • 🧕💍5y❤️ TTC#1, MC-09/2018,12/2018. 🤰 🌈 Twins ❤️

Hello Ladies

I am writing this because I believe it will give hope and motivation to many sisters here. I have been through a loss in September due to blighted ovum. Waited one cycle and got clear sign from OBGYN to TTC again. I chose to take Clomid as I have PCOS and I didn’t have patience after MC. Alhumdolillah, I got positive pregnancy test today morning. Allah is there for all of us!! Hang in there, have patience and gratitude to almighty. So ladies, do not give up!! Be strong, It will come to you as it did to me!!! Thank you!

TTC since Jan 2018

BFP 08/03/18 that lead to MC 09/19/2018

New BFP 11/28/2018


My OBGYN asked me to do blood draw to check HCG and progesterone level to make sure its rising

HCG is 28 and progesterone is 23

Its been only 4 weeks 4 days based on LMP. I started progesterone today itself and she told me if its above 10 its good!!