is it worth it? am i giving up over something dumb?

so my boyfriend is a junior while im a freshman in college. we are doing long distance, but it’s in fact not that difficult for both of us. but we recently ran into a problem. he grew up in a totally different environment from me, & sometimes it had to understand him. ever since i was little, my dad had always told me that a college education was the way to success. he had told me so many times that it has been engraved in my head- & to some extent i believe him. my boyfriend & i had always talked about school & how he didn’t have the money to finish school or pay for his classes. i told him that i want him to be successful because it’s going to effect both of our futures. i said i don’t want to be the one with a higher education & making more money farther than he ever will. he keeps talking about this big break that soon one day he’ll have. & i told him he’s relying on a miracle for success. am i wrong? he then says maybe he’s not the guy for me & not the dude i’m looking for. & he doesn’t want to continue if i have that same mentality. he said he doesn’t want to feel like he’s being dragged around. but i don’t want to lose him at all. he’s my everything my life. am i being too closed minded? is this a dumb reason to lose our relationship over? i need people perspectives :(((

(my moms by best friend but i haven’t talk to her because she’s very bus in her opinion & him not going to school won’t fit right for her)

please help, thanks :((