Husband mad because house isn’t clean

It is 6:09 am and I haven’t been able to sleep even an hour. My 3 week old baby was fussy all night and I am currently breastfeeding her. I haven’t shower or eaten because she is constantly on me nursing. My husband sees this. I came to the couch with baby so he could sleep and he still woke up yelling at me because the house isn’t clean and just overall nagging me. I honestly feel like I want to die. I am trying my freaking best and nothing. This seems dramatic of my part but I don’t have any emotional support from anywhere and he knows this. I have been trying my best to stay positive because I suffer from depression and ptsd, and now I feel like I am slowly drowning. He knows all of this but doesn’t seem to care. Idk what to do but I am slowly falling into a hole.