My little Rainbow 🌈💙

Tabitha • 💕2/16/11 👼💕💙11/20/18🌈💙

Warning LONG

I’m writing my story cuz I loved reading others story while pregnant so here goes:

✓ After a long hard road of loss I finally conceived my son. I was high risk, had a weight restriction of 3lbs (my husband wouldn’t let me left that half the time 😂) and on bed rest. At 26 weeks I started to go into preterm labor. This happened again at 30 and 32 weeks. At 34 weeks when it happened AGAIN I was givein the steroid of his lungs and told we’d be lucky if he made it full term. At my 38 and 39 week appointments my blood pressure was though the roof and I had all the symptoms of preeclampsia but both times my test came back negative. So at my 39 weeks we decided to induce.

November 19 at 4pm I checked in to start the process. I was already at a 3.5; they gave me something (for the life of me I can’t remember what the nurse said it was) and told to lay there for 30 minutes. I was told it would take at least 3 doses to start to go into labor but that one dose in I started having very light contractions. By 10:30pm the contractions started to get more intense and I was begging to be able to get up and walk. I had heard of back labor but sweet lord my back and hips felt like they where literally on fire. I walked the floor, rocked in the rocker in my room and begged to do anything but have to lay in the bed. By this point I had lost all concept of time and space and just wanted it to be time to have my boy. When checked again I was around a 5 and I ask for iv pain meds. Lord knows why I had decided to labor as long as I could with out the epidural but I had. After the nurse was done checking me I had a contractions so strong when it was over I yelled I’m gonna be sick and made it to the bathroom just in time. It had to be midnight cuz in the process I remember my husband saying he was going down stairs to get my sister. My nurse bless her heart was so sweet and doing her best to keep me comfortable (I know I most have been a terror) She suggested I get in the shower will she got my pain meds. Before I could get in my little sister came in and told me she loved me but didn’t know what I was thinking but it wouldn’t back me and less of a badass for getting the epi. I got in the shower and when I got out the nurse had my meds. I ask for the epi. It couldn’t have been 30 minutes before I got it. My sister went to the hall and my husband stayed with me. I felt NOTHING as she did it, but my husband just kept saying I was more of a badass than he know and more man than he was. Apparently the needle made him VERY uncomfortable. Not long later the nurse said I was a 7 and she was calling my dr.

I swear it couldn’t have been 10 minutes but at this point everything went SO FAST. My dr came in and announced her self be saying “who’s ready to have a baby!” She check my and popped my water at the same time she said I was a plus 2. She then told my sister to be on one side and put my husband on the other. She told me what she wanted me to do and my husband with shock in his voice says “oh we’re doing this NOW” her answer directed more to me than him was, “YES, you’re contracting, ready push!” With every contractions she had me push 3 times. After 2 contractions she called for the vacuum to me preped. After 2 more contractions as the 5 and final one started I felt and heard and felt a dual popping. She had cut me one push later my son was out he had his cord wrapped around his neck not once but twice. He was purple like a grape but was breathing and wiggling all over. Apparently in this time my Placenta came out I didn’t even notice; and she started to stitch me up. My epi was starting to wear off which they where shocked by she the gave me another dose and a shot in each thigh to numb me for the last stitches but I felt the last ten go in. Honestly even though I felt it I was so happy to have me boy it didn’t hurt. 101 stitches later I had my boy!

Born November 20 at 4:26am 6lb 10oz 20 inches. He’s the most perfect beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

The only down side is he wasn’t in the birth canal long enough to get compressed right so he inhaled a lot of fluid. He has the snorts and the nurses

nicknamed him Peppa Pig. 🐽 We got out of the hospital on thanksgiving day (his due date) Everdays a struggle but he’s doing better everyday.

Update: so my mommy instincts were telling me something more was going on with my piggy and his snorts. Turns out I was right!!!! His o2 levels are ridiculously low and my baby can’t breath. We are currently at one of the best children’s hospitals in the country with a team of drs trying to fix my little nugget.

Thank god mommy followed her instincts. Listen to yourself when you KNOW something is wrong, mother really does know best.