Want to get into shape again but I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant.

Ell ā€¢ Married to the love of my life | baby boy 5-4-19| mom to an angel baby feburary 20th, 2018

So the title basically says it all. Before getting pregnant I weighed hardly 125 on a good day and was very much in shape. Honestly loved my body and the way I looked. I've gained about 15 pounds since becoming pregnant and in starting to really hate how I look and feel. I also use to be vegan for 4 years but when i got pregnant decided it was best i start introducing animal product into my died (I had a miscarriage and was willing to do everything this time to make sure my baby was growing because my last baby stopped growing). So I'm sure its added to my weight gain. I didnt work out at all and didnt work out when I got pregnant. I was wondering if it would be safe to start going on 2 mile or so walks now? Even though I'm not necessarily use to exercise anymore and I'm now pregnant would it be dangerous or cause harm to my baby? If I was going to do this should I have started in the first trimester (I was too sick and tired )? I've always loved walking long distance so that would be my main workout. I also should add that I have been admittedly eating like absolute shit. But this is getting fixed starting yesterday šŸ˜‚