Has this happened to anyone else?

I was in my bathroom getting ready this morning & I used the bathroom before I started & I sat the toilet lid back down & these two rings came flying off the back of my toilet? They weren’t there last night when I used the bathroom before bed around 11 PM.

Nobody in my house owns these rings or has ever seen them & I don’t have any friends so they don’t belong to someone like that. They’re definitely not mine.

I’m just wondering if weird stuff has popped up like that in anyone else’s house? Or if they have an explanation? I’m really weirded out by it lol.

These are the rings.

Also they don’t fit anyone in the house except me. 😂 I don’t own hardly any jewelry & I would for sure know if I owned these or not. 😅

EDIT: I’ve already asked everyone who lives in my home if they belong to them or someone else & they’ve never seen them before. Also no one has visited either.