“On a break” help

Here’s is the short story of a the guy i had been with for 3.5 years asked to take a break from our relationship. I’m heart-broken, over the course of this year I’ve had a couple major family changes involving death, divorce, and family scandals. It hasn’t exactly been easy for me to deal with. And with him not around its been hard.

Lately with him, school had been difficult for him as he’s finishing his senior year of college. Hes focusing on where he wants to go in life and has decided this break was necessary to focus on himself.

This boy is so genuine that he can’t lie, every facial expression he makes is so genuine when he was telling me that he wanted a break was filled with honesty. Because this wasn’t something that i wanted i was obviously crying in front of him but with the sort of connection we have he was making me laugh at the same time. At the end of the call he was crying too.

I really and truly can’t be mad at him for making this decision because it’s something he’s doing to better himself and I’ve never be prouder of him - he deserves it.

With all of the family drama this year I learned that maybe love doesn’t exist - but by this time I’ve come around again to realizing that it does.

Prior to him explaining that he wanted a break, I confessed my emotions and “love” for my boyfriend as he had done for me in the past. Still prior to break I had made him a ring - and it wasn’t just a promise ring. (I’m also i college and my major is industrial design)

He’s unfollowed me on social media like twitter and Instagram. But still kept his Facebook status as in a relationship with me.

I realize that he’s most likely unfollowed me because he’s to hurt by seeing my name pop up or posts of me. But i don’t know what to think of it.

The unsettling issue that i have is what do i do? All i want to do is go to him and talk to him and put everything out on my chest that i haven’t spoken. But i don’t want to cross the line of a boundary he’s asked me not to cross. I don’t want to cross that boundary either if it puts us in jeopardy of maybe never getting back together. Do i keep the ring in hopes of us getting back together? I’m just conflicted I’ve never been on a break before and i certainly don’t want to really loose this person that means a lot to me. I don’t believe our story is over but I’m also terrified that I’m just an idiot and it is.

I realize that this break might be good for me too to sort through some family stuff but i literally cannot get him off my mind. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy - I’ve even been writing down everything that i feel because i need to get it out of my system.

I really just don’t know how or what to make of this break. I know this is the short version of our story but i really love this man. I guess I’m just terrified if things don’t work out in a our favor.

Any advice?