In god I have faith

denise • I carried an angel in my tummy 👶🏻💛 12/07/18 Married 👰🏻 / 20yearsold. Rainbow baby 👼🏻🌈 Nov/08💗

I went in for what was supposed to be lab and check up.

I got a Pap smear and doctor asked if I’ve been feeling different lately I told her I get cramping that sometimes get strong.

I wasn’t scheduled for an ultrasound, but she decided to do one to check if baby was okay.

Mind you I’m 13weeks5days

She did over my stomach and she didn’t see anything, so I got worried. Than she did transvaginal and she saw an embryo but my little baby didn’t have a heartbeat or any blood flowing through him. And she her as a doctor she likes to get another doctor to see as well, another doctor came in he did it transvaginal too and he said the same thing. He said it could either be early pregnancy or an early sign of miscarriage, I got blood work done and I get my results back on Friday to see if my Hcg levels are going high or low. And I’m scheduled for another appointment on Tuesday. To check for a heartbeat once again.

I’m being positive , I’ve prayed but can’t lie, I’ve been depressed. I don’t know how to handle this, don’t know how to take this in.

I know god is with me and by my side. I’ll never doubt his plans, I will always trust him ❤️