So today I went for an ultrasound that was scheduled over a month ago, due to not having a period for 3 months after miscarriage.

Now, the sonographer said my scan looks clear but did ask if I have a history of PCOS (I don’t). I have to ring in a week to get any results. The scan was to check my womb for any remains and to check my ovaries Do you think the scan showed I could have PCOS?

Here are some symptoms I have:

-no period for 3 months after miscarriage

-didn’t start periods until I was 15 (late age for my family, others between 9-11)

-spots (not extreme but always a few)

-weight gain (just over 3st in 3 years)

-noticeable moustache

-very small breasts (don’t even fill an A Cup)