Implantation bleeding or week early period?


My husband and I have been TTC for 3 months. We did the do multiple times on thanksgiving and I ovulated the following Saturday/Sunday. Starting the following Tuesday my boobs hurt like never before and have continuously since then (8 days now). I’ve had food aversions, cravings for foods I normally dislike, and hot flashes for the last week. Nausea for about 4-5 days that felt a lot like car sickness.

My period is supposed to be due this coming Sunday, last night around 1 am (I work 6p-6a) I started cramping very mildly and when I went pee there was blood. Bright red at first then every time I peed after that it was brown. I’m still cramping and bleeding today and it’s alternating between brown and red but there aren’t any clots. My period has NEVER been this early so I guess what I’m asking is could this be implantation or did my body freak out and my period start almost a week early? Tell me your implantation bleeding or pregnancy spotting woes! My husband and I are going to be so disappointed if it my period after a solid week of pregnancy symptoms.