Freaking out- daughter 6th grade


My 11 year old is in 6th grade. She has never had problems in school.... this is her first year in middle school. She has started cheer and made a new group of friends. Which I have been supportive of because they are great girls.

Well I just got an email from her science teacher saying my daughter is failing. That she is not focusing, is spending more time socializing than learning, that kind of thing. I am less than pleased. I’m so disappointed in her. She is not respecting and listening to her teacher and that upsets me more than the grade.

So, we are making changes. No going to friends houses after school anymore. Friends are for weekends after her grades come up. When she gets home from school she will do her homework at the kitchen table as I work. And if she doesn’t have any, she will study for one hour. And I will teach her how to study, etc.

I’m just upset. And I may be overreacting...... I was a great student. But I have to separate my experience from hers as we are different people and we have different needs, challenges.

I think she’s almost in love with the new social life she has and has lost focus of what we prioritize in this house. And I was a fool to believe her when I asked if she had homework and she just said no....

I should have checked, now I’m just babbling. Sorry, I’m just disappointed.