Pleaaase help

Okay so 5 days ago I had sex with my boyfriend with a condom and it broke and his penis was a little bit inside of me. He didn’t masterbate prior. He put on a new one and kept going and came outside of me. After that I peed and maybe around 30 minutes we kinda had sex again. He put his penis inside of me without protection but he made sure he was dry. I was not ovulating at all. Now my period was supposed to come 3-4 days ago but when I didn’t log my period it kept pushing back the date. I’m a day late. Am i pregnant? I feel like I’m getting PMS symptoms, but a lot are similar to pregnancy symptoms, and I have little to no discharge. The toilet paper looks kinda wet but it’s not coming on my fingers and I feel dry. I did not take plan B. It happened on day 29 on my cycle and it’s now day 34. Please help (one of my cycles have been 36 days)