Faint line?


A week ago I bled for 2 days..

Last 2 days my mood has been all over the place.. angry to wanting to cry.. same to menstrual mood swings but X100 times worse.

This morning I was washing my daughters bottles and I randomly and suddenly got so nauseous I had to drop what I was doing and left water on and ran to bathroom feeling like I was gonna throw up.

My fiancé who always says “you’re not pregnant” when I ask him to go get tests.. today he picked me up some and said “take one.. I think your pregnant.” Which says a lot.

My levels may be low because I am still exclusively pumping for my baby girl. But it’s been a week. Felt pinching my left side. It is ovulating week for me.

I held my pee for a minute and took a test tonight. I was going to wait but I felt that if I was having symptoms that started today I would have enough hcg in my system to show.

So I took one and this is what showed up.

A white solid thick line popped up immediately.

I waited and was still there but turned into a very very very very faint line that is honestly hard to capture with camera.

Here is the white line picture and the same inverted as well as an inverted one with waiting. Not sure if I see a very very very faint line next to the solid line.