Boyfriend is convinced I got fired because of him

Marissa • I'm just as lost as anybody else • Taking my life day by day

Our relationship is really being tested right now, though I am sure we are strong enough to get through this, its hard.

A little over 2 weeks ago he broke his leg, I was the only one in town that was there to help him so I left work early to be there for him. Poor guy couldn't even get to the toilet to pee on his own, I know it was killing his pride. But anyway, when I came back to work they fired me for leaving to help him. Even though I explained the situation, explained that all of his family was nearly 2 hours away and it was an emergency. But 🤷‍♀️ they didn't care. So now I'm unemployed with a child to take care of (he's not the father), boyfriend is disabled and only getting a portion of his check now, ex-husband (my kids father) is a pos and does not help out, and also found out my childcare assistance was raised, meaning when I do start working again, I'll be paying more than double what I was before for childcare. So financially, things are shitty.

And then there's the fact that my boyfriend is beating himself up over me getting fired, he thinks it was his fault, when really my manager was the one who told me it was okay if I left that day. Nobody's fault, things happen. We've also been apart a lot more because his surgery on his leg was scheduled in his hometown about and hour and a half from me so he's been staying there with his dad for recovery.

It's all just super stressful and trying our relationship. We've been handling it pretty well so far, but I've been pretty depressed. Dont get me wrong, Im loving all the free time with my son, but I'm just not used to being here alone, not used to being unemployed. It really sucks.