He's here!


He's here! I had a lovely day out with my partner walking the mall, had a spicy chic fila sandwich, then went on a dinner date to a dine in movie. When we got home, I bounced on my ball as usual while watching tv and using my spectra, one boob at a time, until I got contractions going (took about 1 hour).

Once I felt they were real and regular I timed them then called the midwife's office. She said she trusted my judgment and to come when ready. I woke my partner up and called my dad.

After registering, I knew baby was coming as my moans turned into grunts. By the time I made it to triage I was begging them to break my water and get him out! 5 minutes later, as soon as they get me to an actual room I push and break my own damn water. Then another 5 baby CJ was born!

The nurses loved the thrill of rushing me in and honestly it was my best birth! In between contractions I felt fine even prepped the kids to leave out. From contractions to birth, 2 1/2 hours!