I’m back and better than ever!

Stevie • Married💍 11.24.18 3.26.17 👼🏼 EVR

I’m not sure where to post this at because I’m hitting so many topics but here’s a little back story & a little long... but I’m so ready to brag on how far I’ve come!

I found out I was pregnant after almost 3 years of trying/not trying (if it happened, happened) in January 2017. March 26th I lost my sweet baby girl at 15 weeks. From that moment everything went out of control. I didn’t care about myself, I gained 40 pounds, was like a zombie. My fiancé, who was a recovering addict, gave up and relapsed. We lost nearly everything. We started to try again, kept failing. We tried Vitex, geritol, OPKs, BBT, pre-seed. Failing every month just made everything worse. At the start of 2018 we decided we wanted to work for a future that was better than the lives we came from. So I got on diet medicine, he changed jobs, and we started to plan an actual wedding. Since my medicine was not safe to take while pregnant we stopped TTC, and I got on the Nuvaring. Birth controls never work well for me, and for once I found something that was at the time. Since I was no longer tracking my periods, I deleted this app.

In that time-

1. I lost 30lbs!!

2. We stopped using birth control at the end of September because it started to cause problems with my body, and have been back on our if it happens, it happens.

3. We got married November 24th, paying off our debts, he’s sober again!! Moving out, and now we are ready to put our all back into TTC!

Im so happy to be back in this community because it has helped me through some of the darkest times of my life!

Anyway, Has anyone tried FertilAid? Or have any other advice on getting pregnant?☺️

**posted in General TTC because I had a TTC question & wanted advice**