BabyMoon 2018


Don’t be scared to go and travel before your little one comes!!!! Me and my hubby travelled all over Europe while I was 20-24 weeks pregnant. (I’m 33 weeks now)

Best experience of my life.

We went to Spain, all over Italy, Greece, Croatia, and more! It was incredible.

Plus- they don’t make you wait in any lines for attractions when you’re pregnant (; 4 hour Vatican line was less than 5 mins for me and they even didn’t make me go through the metal detectors.

My feet swelled on the plane rides and we took it easy with the walking. I would have it no other way

Swimming in Mykonos Greece

Strolling through the Vatican

Along the riviera in Venice

With my morning Cappuccino in Barcelona Spain ❤️

As i write this I’m sitting on the floor with all my third trimester misery feeling nauseous and awful and I’m just so happy we took advantage of my second trimester and “Bumped Around the World”