Next Friday I am getting induced ! One week and my warrior is here !


So this morning my bf pulled his typical crap and didn’t get his fmla paperwork done by my dr and now I plan on just going into labor alone while my mom watches my son. When I got out of my dr appointment since he was sleeping in the car didn’t even ask me how our baby girl was since i have had to have non stress test because I have so much fluid which is why I’m being induced a week early. He has no clue that I’m getting induced and he’s been nothing but a bully and mentally degrading toward me so since he doesn’t care there’s no need for me cater to him when he clearly doesn’t give a shit about his daughter either. This hurts but he got mad and all this happened over me walking into my dr office by myself ( thinking he was walking in behind me ) like I’m not holding your hand wtf you’re a grown man. I’m just upset and hysterical and my mother doesn’t help when she makes it all about her to be there while I’m in labor. Like I’m already a mess why can’t she understand I’d just rather be alone then since he’s being difficult. I’m already having complications and I feel so alone.