Would you leave

Say you habe been through alot in your relationship with SO. But youve taken a break or got to the point of leaving like 3 times but in the end stayed.

Now you feel alone in the relationship. Like he doesnt exsist. Like hes just a person to feed and that lives in the same house as you. What would you do. I know this sounds immature but im over talking about it. We've had this conversation so many times.

I literally walk to and from school three times a day to drop/pick up kids. Then i work thursday friday nights. Saturday and sunday all day. He come home on the weekdays and plays video games. I usually go to bed the same time as the kids cause they always get out of bed. He comes to bed whenever he pleases. Plus he neber eats supper with me. He comes home,possibly helps with supper then grabs his food and goes downstair to play games. While i deal with clean up and kids. Yes he helps with homework but only the oldest and only spelling. Im so lost. Im 80% sure i know what i want to do but i know he'll take it hard. I dont want to stay for the kids....vut i feel like i have done tgat for the past year.