Guys the struggle is real! Sorry bout the long post

Jessi Anne • In a relationship❣️ Going to nursing school 💉

So I’m 18 and me and my bf have been together a little over a year and we both are going to nursing school. We’ve been friends all are life and so were super close. We don’t live together and both come from a very strict religious background. We both left that church a little while ago and really don’t have many friends on the outside world. The friends I did have pretty much avoid me because I left there church and they feel like that’s what they should do now. Due to all of that we end up being together every day and that’s were the problem starts. So my parents have been actually pretty reasonable thru this whole thing and somewhat supportive, but today my mom comes upstairs to my room and is telling me how I need to be more social and that really you can’t find a social group like we had in that church. She’s been telling me that I am going to be very lonely if I don’t quit being with my boyfriend and when it really just all boils down I can tell she wants me to get back in the church. But honestly I’m so confused like I have no clue what to do. Like is it possible to have lots of friends without being part of a church group like that? And like I know one of my friends left this church a little while back and she doesn’t have friends and she is pretty lonely. And I don’t want to go back to this church but I honestly had a pretty big social group when I was in it. What do you guys think like should I go back? Or should I tell my bf we can’t be together as much. And we would just get married but my folks would be very much against me getting married at 18 and would like me to wait till I am a little older. I don’t mind doing that but its getting pretty stressful at home.