I’m so confused.

Had scan at 8+2 I’m now 9+6 and I still don’t feel

Pregnant I had mild nausea for a few days a couple of weeks ago and before the scan and I felt mildly sick but nothing major and now I have hardly anything my boobs are slightly sore sometimes but are still very hard. Having varying levels of white cm every day and I’m

Eating everything in sight. I think this is why my nausea has gone before I only got it if I was hungry. I lm highly emotional and mood swings are regular but I don’t feel pregnant.

Could this mean my hcg is low? I’ve never felt pregnant really. This is my second pregnancy - first I mc at 6 weeks. Has anyone had no symptoms and gone on to have a baby? I’m terrified. I have another scan at 11+3 when I will announce to family. What’s your thoughts. Would you announce here?