Sex and chicken chili-my birth story


My baby girl Grace Abigail arrived 3 weeks early on October 7 weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces.

Some background. I was super worried throughout my whole pregnancy as many of us are and experienced Braxton Hicks from 18 weeks on. I was constantly worried about losing amniotic fluid because of these BH. At 30 weeks I went to L&D because I was timing the BH. Of course I got sent home. I felt really silly for going.

Flash forward to 35 weeks. My husband and I did the deed which caused really intense contractions that went on for 6+ hours before I called L&D who told me to wait to see if they subsided. I was finally able to go to sleep so I'm not sure when they ended. The midwife did tell me to hold off on more sex until I was 37 weeks, full term.

So at 37 weeks my husband and I did. We weren't trying to induce, just wanted to be intimate. Well, I started to have those same painful cramps I did at 35 weeks so I thought nothing of it. This is at 8am. I went about my day making food for my husband and I and then for a cookout later that day. One of the things I made was chicken chili. I decided to have some for lunch at 11:30. Almost immediately my cramps worsened!! I'm guessing because it was spicy. Still I thought nothing of it due to the cramps at 35 weeks. I decided to lay down I was in so much pain and just wait it out like I did at 35 weeks. I was crying and told my husband I must be a wimp because these were only BH and I could only imagine what real contractions would be like. I timed the contractions and I still wasn't convinced because they were somewhat irregular. At 3:30, though, I was in so much pain that my husband decided to call L&D who recommended I come in. Still not worried. My husband started rushing around and I told him he didn't need to because they'd just send me home like they did at 30 weeks. Boy was I wrong!

When I got there I was already 5 cm and 30 minutes later was 8 cm!! Luckily I was able to get an epidural. I had a really good Labor except for her head not wanting to go around my pelvis. I honestly wish I could go back and do it again even with all the pain so I could realize I was in labor that whole time and feel the excitement of getting ready to meet my baby girl.

Life is so much sweeter with her!!

And if you read this whole thing, one of my best friends ate my chicken chili one evening and she had her baby boy the same day! Coincident?!