This man 😍🤪🤤

I already thought that my new boyfriend and I were compatible in every way possible, but then today he starts sending me all these flirty, dirty messages. We’re currently long distance, but I get to see him tomorrow, so we’ve been talking about what we want to do. I asked him what some of his biggest turn ons or fantasies were, and literally everything he replied with was a major yes from me. What really got me was when he said that he “loves giving oral” and wants to do it all the time. 😍 I don’t know where I found him, or how I got so lucky, but I got this feeling after the very first date that I was gonna marry him someday. Y’all I really think I found the one. 🤪🥰

(For the person who asked, we’re both 21, and about to graduate college) 😁