our rainbow twins have arrived! 12-11-18 πŸŒˆπŸ’™


Our story;

My husband & I got married back in April 2018 & I was 6 weeks pregnant with our first baby the day of our wedding. We just a had small court house wedding with close family members. Well our wedding night took a turn for the worst; when we went to lunch with our family after our marriage, I had this awful sharp pain in my stomach, then getting closer to night time, I started bleeding & I ended up going to the ER to find out I miscarried. We were absolutely devastated to say the least.

Fast forward; several weeks ahead, I was waiting for my next cycle to come & I waited, & waited.... πŸ€” out of curiosity, I took another pregnancy test because my next cycle didn’t come yet. Guess what? It was positive πŸ™€ I broke down crying because I didn’t feel I was mentally or physically ready for this again so soon.

I made a doctors appt right away because I was so concerned it was too soon to be pregnant again. It was confirmed I was indeed pregnant by blood test. BUT they had me come in right away again for an ultrasound because my HCG levels seemed a little high so they just wanted to make sure everything was okay. Guess what? It’s TWINS!!! I cried & laughed & had all kinds of emotions. We were in complete SHOCK. (I was 7 weeks along when we found out; I got pregnant again only 2 weeks after the miscarriage)

First trimester; was awful with morning sickness. I was so so so sick 🀒 Second trimester; was a breeze & went by so fast!

Third trimester: was a little rough & started to get very uncomfortable. I started having early small contractions so I was put on procardia. It helped for 2 weeks; then started having contractions again & spent a week in the hospital (30 weeks pregnant) , I was put on magnesium to stop them. I did NOT react to that medication well, it made me a zombie. The doc put me back on procardia and it started helping again & sent me home on strict bed rest. The medicine held up great for the first week of bed rest so I got the okay to start working again from home. So Monday 12-10 I made my phone calls to set up for me to start Tuesday 12-11. I jinxed myself saying β€œwatch me set this all up & I end up going into labor”

Well it happened, Monday night I woke up @ 11:30 pm to fluid leaking...I thought I peed myself lol I went to check myself & I kept leaking. I called my doc & he said to come in & get checked. I woke my husband up & said we need to go now because at that point I started having bad contractions. We get to the hospital, & I was going into labor quickly. Both babies were head down so natural birth was the plan, once I got to 7 cm I was given an epidural. That was awful, they had to try 5-6 times before it worked. Once it kicked in, it was easy from there! & my boys were born 9:11 am & 9:27 am on Tuesday 12-11! They both weighed 4 lbs 2 oz & matched all the way to the grams!! (32 weeks + 4 days)

They are in the NICU now but are doing so well! My husband & I are over the moon & so in love!

Koa Lee & Kai Alan πŸŒˆπŸ’™πŸŒŽ

Thank you for reading my long story if you made it this far! 😊