5 Months TTC


Me and my fiancé have been trying TTC and still no luck i have irregular periods so I usually have them every 3-4 months, I just started having them every 2 months. Based on this app my ovulation cycle was the week of Thanksgiving i had sex everyday during that time and still nothing. I’ve been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for almost 3 weeks now. I just tested the other day and it’s negative.

My husband also had surgery on his penis due to his pee hole closing up so they basically had to make him an opening to do so..... does this have anything to do with ttc he doesn’t really know if he cums...... I only know if he does whenever i smoke weed and we have sex i get that taste in my mouth when he cums.

Any tips on what to do I get anxious and worried whenever a test comes back negative. PLEASE HELP!!!!