I need opinions please

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So earlier I posted that I felt like labor could come at any time. I’m only 34 weeks today. This pregnancy is super different from my first and I honestly have no idea of what I am experiencing is normal for secondary pregnancies.

Since 1 I had a constant, dull, lower back ache. It radiates into my knees like a period cramp did. I felt off. Not sick, but just super off, like somethibg was weird. I had two glasses of water and when my husband got home I laid down. They continued for a bit and died down. Went away and I felt better for a couple hours until the BH started up again.

I had a few of them, and then got this super overwhelming feeling. Almost like I just wanted to sit and cry, but nothing had happened. With my first son, I had painful contractions for hours. I could still walk and talk, but once I hit 4 cms I got this huge overwhelming feeling and knew it was time to go to the hospital. This is the same feeling (which is spooky). I feel like I keep alternating between breathing normal and then quick/hard.

I’m still crampy and am now laying down, but has anyone had something similar happen? It’s hard to tell if I’m having more cramp like contractions bc the baby is moving and pressing up directly against my stomach and causing a ton of pressure that way.